Bituminous Membrane

Bituminous Membrane services in Malta

Quick Overview

Our essential and primary product used by most of our clients is the Bituminous Membrane also known as ‘Torch welded membrane or carpet membrane’.
This specific type of membrane can last between 10 to 30 years, depending on how well it is maintained by the owner. We have had several cases in the past, where we renewed our own work after 30 years. This further proves the quality and assurance of our products and work at WP Ltd.

Bituminous membrane comes in different types of colours, red, white, grey, green and dark grey. We also offer black membrane that doesn’t consist of granules. This is mostly used on walls, basements or under concrete roofs. We also have a selection of various thickness of membrane varying from 4kg,4.5kg,4mm,5mm.

Our high-quality products are certified by global industries We aim to ensure high quality, the best service and durable products.

We offer a 10 year guarantee on all works, although this might vary on certain types of products. Some can even have up to 20 years guarantee.

Different types of Bitumen membrane

APP-modified Bitumen

This plastic asphalt-like material comes with minuscule granules and particles that do a great job when it comes to deflecting the sun’s UV rays.

SBS-modified Bitumen

Smooth elastic asphalt membrane that is ideal for foundation walls, interior walls and concrete screed roofs.

Main features

● Can be applied on concrete foundations
● Is melted on a building’s surface
● Sheet-based application
● Is most effective on obstacle-free surfaces
● Made using polymers, asphalt and fillers
● Resins and oils can be added for extra protection
● It might crack over the years
● Non-toxic
● Extra layers can be applied for UV protection