Solar PV

Solar PV services in Malta

Quick Overview

Nearly half of the energy of the world is generated from non-renewable fossil fuels and this is the main cause of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Although there is still a long way to go to decrease these emissions, WP Ltd provides an environmental friendly option by using Solar PV.

What is General solar pv?

Solar PV is the new range of bituminous photovoltaic waterproofing flexible membranes capable of producing electric energy in both flat and sloped roofs in new or remedial roofing it is a new and improved method of waterproofing whilst utilising the sun. These membranes are made with special polymeric modifiers of very high quality, giving excellent resistance to the aging and exceptional resistance to heat absorption associated with solar gain.

Contrary to normal solar panels, this method can be used on any type of roofing as it is made of a flexible carpet-like material that can be placed over the new specialized double-layered membrane. This type of solar panel does not need specific alignments and bears much less
weight than the typical Solar Panels you see today. Therefore, this can be applied on any type of roof without the risk of damaging your roof. The Membrane has a 20 year guarantee.