About WP Malta Ltd.

WP Ltd was founded on the 8th of August, 1988 by Mr. Paul Mintoff and William Mintoff, being one of the first companies to introduce membrane to Malta. Prior to this date, we had 8 years of experience working with Membrane products and placing Membrane on home and commercial building roofs.

“WP Ltd” is an abbreviation of “William Paul Limited” named after Paul and his son William. Now a 3rd generation company, William Mintoff and his son Dylan Mintoff have taken over the 33-year old business, improving quality and reassurance to all their customers.
At WP Ltd we offer specialist waterproofing services a myriad of advantages in your home or building. By having this system installed, you will be able to prevent your building from getting damaged from humidity and rainwater. No waterproofing can lead to the development of cracks, paint peeling off and even mould, mildew and air contaminants. It is also a great risk for the structure and foundation of the building. Our goal at WP Ltd is to waterproof your home or commercial property to help prevent all such damages. Since you can find membranes in different colours and sizes at WP Ltd, our professional personnel can guide you on which one to choose when doing a free on-site inspection. Waterproofing services by WP Ltd can be carried out on roofs, wells, terraces and even basements. Moreover, it can also be used for balconies, roof gardens, appoggi, lift pits and canopies. We, essentially, offer the following methods of waterproofing:

1. Membrane. This would include cleaning and preparing the roof. We apply primer paint first, then we lay what is called membrane “carpet”. This comes with up to a 15-year guarantee (subject to the quality of the membrane chosen). Most times, the carpet lasts longer than
guarantee period, and return clients are pleased to use our services again.
2. Liquid Membrane. This also includes cleaning and preparing the roof, but instead of a “carpet”, we apply fiberglass where is needed and then cover with 3 coats of liquid membrane. This is alternative roof coating.
3. Solar PV. This is a specific type of product that we place over the membrane carpet, that helps produce electric energy. An innovation you can find at the WP Ltd that is not to be mistaken for the commonly known “Solar Panels”, but is rather an effective two-in-one combination.

Types of Membrane also depend on the roof. Below are the differences explained between a household roof and a commercial roof:

Household Membrane

We suggest that if you are looking to get waterproofing solutions installed in your home, you need
to consider a liquid membrane. This particular coating presents homeowners with a quick and easy
to install solution that will help them tackle and water leakage issues.

Main features

● A variety of colours to choose from
● Can be applied on a range of surface
● Needs to be applied on clean and dry surfaces
● Can be applied on uneven or hard to reach roofs
● UV resistant
● Elastic properties
● Resistant to harsh elements

Commercial Membrane

If you are looking to protect an industrial or commercial building from water penetration or adverse weather conditions, you can go for a liquid membrane as well, however you need to opt for a stronger option. In this case, we suggest that you choose a Bitumen membrane. This will present you with large-scale protection.

Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance and repairs are part and parcel of any membrane application which you choose to get. The care of these materials is of ultimate importance if you are looking to keep a water damage-free building.

However, it is important to note that bituminous membrane is far more susceptible to get damages done from UV rays, rain, wind and other damaging elements. This means that over time, the material and coating will both become fractured or cracked if not taken care of. These cracks will lead to eventual water penetration and structural damages.

This means that liquid membrane is far easier to control and maintain.

Whichever waterproofing solution you decide to go for, we at WP Ltd have got the perfect solution for you. We also offer our clients a 10 year warranty on any services that we offer.

At WP Ltd, our specialists can also advise you on the benefits of using one type of membrane to another. WP Ltd is about high quality and this is not only reflected in our products but in the way we tackle a job each time. We especially pay attention to detail, are loyal to all our clients, and ensure quality products and material. Once we have completed the work, we are easy to reach out to, in case you require maintenance or repairs. Call us for further assistance or to know more on the cost- free repair services we can provide on your existing membranes.