Waterproofing Specialist

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The main aim of the membrane is to eliminate the penetration of water and put your mind at rest.

There are APP and SBS types of membrane, one containing granules (offering various colours and sizes) and the latter without granules with various sizes. All the membrane is certified with BBA, ITC and ISO which WP ltd. gives a 10 year warranty on the work carried out.

Membrane containing granules deflects UV rays in order to protext the base of the membrane itself. This is mainly used for roofs which are to be exposed to the element of nature.

Membrane without granules will be used for foundation walls, normal walls and also under the concrete screed roofs.


Normally the roof must be dry and clean in order to lay the membrane and carry out the work properly, but at WP ltd. we offer a special type of membrane which works directly to dry humidity allowing our team to work on wet surgace as well.

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